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The Commercial And Government Entity Code refers to the manufacturer Honeywell International Inc. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, Parts Needed yesterday stocks multiple parts from Honeywell International Inc, such as TXD-229-648, T26849, T26536, T26531, T25982. Our team at ASAP can cross-reference CAGE codes with NSN numbers to remove confusion and simplify the parts procurement process for our customers. If you want to get started, you can fill out the Instant RFQ form on this page.

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 06848

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 06848

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
TXD-229-648 circuit card assembly 5998-01-686-1270 Avl RFQ
T26849 installing tool thr 5120-00-591-0416 Avl RFQ
T26536 key socket head scr 5120-00-540-1263 Avl RFQ
T26531 screwdriver stand p 5120-00-562-3212 Avl RFQ
T25982 punch valve arm 5120-00-525-8644 Avl RFQ
T25860 gage profile 5220-00-323-5852 Avl RFQ
T25847 wrench he agon sock 5120-00-568-5370 Avl RFQ
T25823 wrench spanner 5120-00-288-7879 Avl RFQ
T25819 clamp boost venturi 5120-00-330-6582 Avl RFQ
T25624 wrench assembly val 5120-00-098-4344 Avl RFQ
T25618 wrench telescoping 5120-00-098-4464 Avl RFQ
T25334 puller 5120-00-032-9918 Avl RFQ
T25331 base aneroid bellow 5120-00-181-6733 Avl RFQ
T25262 spanner attachment 5120-00-398-4323 Avl RFQ
T25261 socket wrench face 5120-00-398-4322 Avl RFQ
T25260 spanner attachment 5120-00-398-4321 Avl RFQ
T25245 wrench poppet valve 5120-00-575-3017 Avl RFQ
T25165 reamer machine 3455-00-142-3956 Avl RFQ
T25140 puller mechanical 5120-00-142-3950 Avl RFQ
T25134 wrench automatic mi 5120-00-142-3947 Avl RFQ
T25131 gage plug plain cyl 5220-00-142-3945 Avl RFQ
T25121 assembling tool 5120-00-142-3944 Avl RFQ
T25115 reamer machine 3455-00-329-6431 Avl RFQ
T25097 forming tool screen 5120-00-474-9243 Avl RFQ
T25085 gage plug stepped a 5220-00-355-6182 Avl RFQ
T25060 wrench spanner 5120-00-142-3931 Avl RFQ
T25057 gage plug stepped a 5220-00-355-6181 Avl RFQ
T25048 socket socket wrenc 5120-00-142-3910 Avl RFQ
T25046 gage choke setting 5210-00-474-9158 Avl RFQ
T25045 indicator dial 5210-00-214-5888 Avl RFQ
T25040 wrench poppet valve 5120-00-511-0611 Avl RFQ
T25039 wrench poppet valve 5120-00-511-0610 Avl RFQ
T25038 spanner attachment 5120-00-511-0609 Avl RFQ
T24992 wrench automatic mi 5120-00-534-0965 Avl RFQ
T24977 wrench spanner 5120-00-142-3920 Avl RFQ
T24971 gage float level 5210-00-474-9162 Avl RFQ
T24967 remover jet 5120-00-474-9205 Avl RFQ
T24960 socket wrench face 5120-00-511-0605 Avl RFQ
T24957 reamer hand 5110-00-511-0604 Avl RFQ
T24956 spanner attachment 5120-00-142-3914 Avl RFQ
T24955 wrench socket 5120-00-142-3913 Avl RFQ
T24944 socket socket wrenc 5120-00-394-5211 Avl RFQ
T24924 remover jet 5120-00-474-9206 Avl RFQ
T24733 wrench float adjust 5120-00-473-7684 Avl RFQ
T20201 socket wrench face 5120-00-473-7709 Avl RFQ
T20182 remover bushing 5120-00-473-7325 Avl RFQ
T19276 spanner attachment 5120-00-142-3899 Avl RFQ
T-27351-66 pliers 5120-01-297-2353 Avl RFQ
T-27351-55 pliers retaining ri 5120-01-430-2036 Avl RFQ
T-25623 puller mechanical 5120-00-305-4610 Avl RFQ
SOCN2671129 o ring 5331-01-224-7211 Avl RFQ
SOCN2671128 o ring 5331-01-223-2082 Avl RFQ
SOCN2670890-8 o ring 5331-01-219-9072 Avl RFQ
SOCN2670890-7 o ring 5331-01-223-1070 Avl RFQ
SOCN2670890-5 o ring 5331-01-222-1649 Avl RFQ
SOCN2670890-20 o ring 5331-01-222-1643 Avl RFQ
SOCN2670890-2 o ring 5331-01-223-1075 Avl RFQ
SOCN2670890-18 o ring 5331-01-223-1072 Avl RFQ
SOCN2670890-16 packing preformed 5330-01-223-2083 Avl RFQ
SOCN2670890-12 o ring 5331-01-221-9213 Avl RFQ
SOCN2670890-10 packing preformed 5330-01-223-1077 Avl RFQ
SOCN2670890 6 packing preformed 5330-01-219-9074 Avl RFQ
SOCN2670406 1 bearing plain self 3120-01-321-4827 Avl RFQ
SOCN2670406 bearing plain self 3120-01-006-9515 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667999-99 o ring 5331-01-263-6716 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667999-9 o ring 5331-01-132-6536 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667999-8 o ring 5331-01-128-8186 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667999-6 o ring 5331-01-128-8184 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667999-5 o ring 5331-01-132-6535 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667999-4 o ring 5331-01-132-6534 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667999-11 o ring 5331-01-219-9075 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667999-10 o ring 5331-01-128-8183 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667999 7 o ring 5331-01-128-8185 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667999 100 o ring 5331-01-263-6715 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667998-23 packing preformed 5330-01-222-1651 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667998-134 o ring 5331-01-219-9073 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667998-10 o ring 5331-01-221-9215 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667998 8 o ring 5331-01-220-3379 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667998 7 o ring 5331-01-227-0602 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667997-28 packing preformed 5330-01-243-1815 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667997-26 packing preformed 5330-01-243-1814 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667988 135 o ring 5331-01-220-3370 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667648-8 o ring 5331-01-128-8181 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667648-7 o ring 5331-01-128-8180 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667648-10 o ring 5331-01-131-5039 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667647-8 o ring 5331-01-128-8210 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667647-6 o ring 5331-01-129-1611 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667647-4 o ring 5331-01-128-8209 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667647-3 o ring 5331-01-128-8208 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667647-20 o ring 5331-01-128-8207 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667647-2 o ring 5331-01-128-8206 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667647-18 o ring 5331-01-128-8205 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667647-16 o ring 5331-01-128-8204 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667647-10 o ring 5331-01-128-8187 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667646-28 o ring 5331-01-128-8202 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667646-27 o ring 5331-01-128-8201 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667646-25 o ring 5331-01-129-1619 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667646-24 o ring 5331-01-129-1618 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667646-23 o ring 5331-01-129-1617 Avl RFQ
SOCN2667646-22 o ring 5331-01-129-1616 Avl RFQ

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