Eaton Corporation – NSN Components Catalog

CAGE Codes:

15284 0X660 17472 17875
1HJG4 31795 1MAM7 31795
1NG36 1TGB8 1NX78 1SDP1
1TMY5 34EB8 1UND8 0NA9

Operating Segments: Electronics, Hydraulics, Aerospace, Vehicle

HQ: Dublin, Ireland & Beechwood, Ohio, United States

About Eaton Corporation

Eaton Corporation is an Irish-domiciled multinational power management corporation. The company was founded in the United States and currently has corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and operational headquarters in Beachwood, Ohio. The company has more than 95,000 employees and operates in over 175 countries.

The story of Eaton Corporation begins in 1911 when Joseph Eaton, Henning Taube, and Viggo Torbensen incorporated the Torbensen Gear and Axle Co. in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Thanks to financial backing from Torbensen’s family, the company began manufacturing Torbensen’s patented internal-gear truck axle. In 1914, the company moved to Cleveland, Ohio, to be close to the automotive industry. In 1917, Torbensen Axle Company was purchased by Republic Motor Truck Company, their biggest competitor. Following this, Eaton and Torbensen left the company and created Eaton Axle Company in 1919. Throughout the rest of the 20th century, Eaton Axle Company continued to grow, acquire business, and diversify its operations. The company is now known as Eaton Corporation and works in the electrical and industrial sectors in markets such as aerospace, hydraulics, filtration, mobility, and more.

Products, Services, and Platforms

  • Electrical Sector: Within the electrical sector, Eaton develops products including circuit breakers, switchgears, busways, UPS systems, power distribution units, panel boards, load centers, motor controls, meters, sensors, relays, and inverters.
  • Industrial Sector: Eaton also offers products to hydraulics and aerospace markets. Hydraulics include products for agriculture, construction, mining, forestry, utility, material handling, machine tools, molding, power generation, primary metals, and oil and gas. Eaton Aerospace focuses on products relating to hydraulics, fuel, motion control, pneumatic systems, and engines.
  • Vehicle Group: Eaton clutches, Eaton Automated and Mechanical Transmissions, Eaton Hybrid Power Systems, Roadranger Synthetic Lubricants, and Eaton MD Mobile Diagnostics Solutions are all parts of Eaton’s vehicle group.


Eaton Corporation’s partners and subsidiaries include but are not limited to Alphel Technologies, Aeroquip, Bussman, Centurion, Golf Pride, Elek, Roadranger, Weatherhead, Santak, SEL, and more.


Eaton Corporation’s primary competitors include Siemens, General Electric, Schneider Electric, Cummins, Inc., Parker Hannifin, Alstom, and more.

CAGE Code : 17472, 1NG36, 4ACA7, 15284, 73460, 8F330, 39FE9, 88869, K6794, 19954, 60285, 92856, 0EWR3, 12110, 9A069, 3B858, 3MBG7, 8J069, 14414, 22796, 30NA9, 4AGL7, 54713, 9A068, 9U704, 51510, 0EAX3, 34657, 81640, 9R076, 15605, 1MAM7, 1W134, 3U188, 51151, 81260, 9S240, 0A1C3, 27193, 5H7N6, 96170, 36KU7, 54412, 70513, 96151, 12678, 4P866, 4S7M4, 6Y741, 8W928, 81997, 04181, 81155, 31795, 54987, 7W346, 84243, 94366, U1650, 0AEX2, 17875, 27892, 4X816, 72800, 74193, 77842, 99185, 99643, 9A066, 9A070, 00624, 0KB55, 1HJG4, 55841, 6X441, 7P109, 1H1H3, 3LVG5, 4BQB0, 70795, 0X660, 380H0, 0FWX7, 13654, 22778, 18163, 18911, 20154, 2N497, 3LSN3, SWY75, 0CP84, 1W143, 3LYM9, 7F841, 81142, 09JD6, 0DGD8, 4LPM8, 9A065, K1016, 1TGB8, 1G910, 85757, 88140, 8R885, 1G677, 3LUX7, 3LYL9, 55459, 55840, U6287, 1NDU7, 4BQ07, 7Y587, 80900, 98121, 9A062, 9A063, 3LSS5, 3PUP4, 68592, 9G527, 1TMY5, 5Y490, 76374, 81118, 88026, 3T846, 89946, U2569

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
WK2-11 2030-00-113-9470 helm unit Avl RFQ
TU-5101-6 5120-01-535-1740 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
T-6494 5120-00-072-5972 wrench spanner Avl RFQ
T-24805 5120-01-440-6084 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
T-24659 5120-01-442-4952 aligning tool rotat Avl RFQ
T-23929 5120-01-399-6394 compressor spring Avl RFQ
T-23724 5120-01-294-5022 wrench spanner Avl RFQ
T-19098-6 5120-01-156-7288 crowfoot attachment Avl RFQ
T-15356 5120-01-178-7664 template centering Avl RFQ
SSH-5 3930-00-536-2552 column and shaft as Avl RFQ
S1391-15 5180-01-455-0253 jaw vise Avl RFQ
S1272-2-6 5120-00-348-8053 sizing tool tubing Avl RFQ
S1051-5 5120-01-039-9615 hand assembly tool Avl RFQ
S1051-3 5120-01-039-9617 hand assembly tool Avl RFQ
RTS8-02-08 5180-01-556-1981 rynglok swage tool Avl RFQ
RTS8-02-04 5180-01-556-1978 rynglok swage tool Avl RFQ
RTS8-02-03 5180-01-556-1976 rynglok swage tool Avl RFQ
NLIM-2308 7025-01-439-8654 interface unit auto Avl RFQ
NH1006443-10 5120-01-589-6851 clamp c Avl RFQ
L14222W2 6210-00-074-9112 light indicator Avl RFQ
L1025R 6210-00-991-8741 light indicator Avl RFQ
K9741 3930-00-686-0917 seal fork assembly Avl RFQ
K9452E 3930-00-684-8221 cam brake assembly Avl RFQ
K90620A 3930-00-686-0884 handle steering Avl RFQ
HI7041 4010-00-342-8918 wire rope assembly Avl RFQ
GDP165HUBV7-5TONS 3930-01-150-2677 truck lift fork Avl RFQ
F2065-10E 3460-00-483-2916 mandrel assembly Avl RFQ
F2064-16D 3460-00-483-2908 mandrel assembly Avl RFQ
F1756-2 3460-00-671-2139 mandrel hose assemb Avl RFQ
F1756-10 5120-00-671-2133 mandrell Avl RFQ
E26141N2PC4 2010-00-786-6500 ring lock Avl RFQ
D38097N1SP 2010-00-877-5154 seal ring assembly Avl RFQ
D28861PC11 5331-00-909-7117 o ring Avl RFQ
D25019N2PC11 2010-00-786-6497 ring back up Avl RFQ
D17327PC4 2010-00-884-8131 seal ring assembly Avl RFQ
D16739-24B 2010-00-779-6258 lug drive upper Avl RFQ
D13864ANDC13865 2010-00-605-2987 seal ring lubricati Avl RFQ
C16L28 3610-00-962-9597 coil Avl RFQ
C13225 2010-00-547-1269 rotary joint Avl RFQ
B4232 5120-00-011-2099 inserter and remove Avl RFQ
B2913 5120-00-567-5436 wrench spanner Avl RFQ
968-5-1M1ALT2AITEM2C 5360-00-141-6851 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
968-5-1M1ALT2AITEM2B 5360-00-367-4577 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
93595W1ITEM3B 5950-00-221-9076 coil electrical Avl RFQ
9047384-00 3930-01-150-2621 filter assembly Avl RFQ
9005498-55 5330-01-150-4214 gasket Avl RFQ
8878K2 5930-00-519-8464 switch push Avl RFQ
8280K116 5930-01-575-5659 switch toggle Avl RFQ
81972W1ITEM51 5950-00-229-6196 coil electrical Avl RFQ
7705PC528 2010-00-213-0487 block brake Avl RFQ
7700PC626 2010-00-213-0489 collar ring Avl RFQ
7700PC514 2010-00-213-0490 ring thrust Avl RFQ
7604K3 5930-00-410-4000 switch toggle Avl RFQ
6703A0001-02 6610-01-339-5254 transmitter positio Avl RFQ
6703A0001-01 6610-01-450-3998 transmitter positio Avl RFQ
617-259 3610-00-962-9598 block contact Avl RFQ
568S19 3930-00-053-8931 spring ram valve Avl RFQ
525K435 3930-00-686-0918 seal three ring Avl RFQ
5205 STEM CLEANER 5120-00-972-8354 cleaner valve stem Avl RFQ
5107X 3950-01-311-9111 parts kit winch Avl RFQ
510457-01 2010-01-173-8512 hub splined Avl RFQ
414591 2010-01-183-4699 friction block Avl RFQ
414413 2010-01-224-4186 friction block Avl RFQ
403750 2010-01-224-4186 friction block Avl RFQ
357906 3110-00-144-8663 bearing ball annula Avl RFQ
3374624 2010-00-032-2384 ring thrust Avl RFQ
3309356 2010-00-213-0546 piston seal Avl RFQ
325-62-594SH 4730-00-720-0636 clamp hose Avl RFQ
31709 1680-01-102-0107 body Avl RFQ
306555-4D 5935-01-532-6677 connector plug electri Avl RFQ
301839 5120-01-349-5391 bar torque Avl RFQ
301348 2010-00-890-2904 brake assembly fric Avl RFQ
285-388 3930-00-971-8790 valve flow divider Avl RFQ
23255-9 3110-00-100-6182 ball bearing Avl RFQ
230-056 3930-00-971-8785 spring flow divider Avl RFQ
228GS224 3930-00-053-8916 hose Avl RFQ
22711-3-15 4010-01-074-2025 rope wire Avl RFQ
2111052-001 2030-00-113-9470 helm unit Avl RFQ
211-1008 2030-01-342-1956 steering gear Avl RFQ
2034503 2010-00-966-4462 lock Avl RFQ
20345 5305-00-087-6485 screw machine Avl RFQ
1F0896FB 5950-01-436-8783 transformer power Avl RFQ
12665 1650-00-339-8567 stop hydraulic flow Avl RFQ
106858027 7025-01-485-4326 transfer unit progr Avl RFQ
106858003 7025-01-485-4345 transfer unit progr Avl RFQ
106814502 5120-01-484-6662 carrier storage bat Avl RFQ
103003706 7025-01-554-1572 display unit Avl RFQ
101608098 7010-01-072-3482 circuit module Avl RFQ
101072447 7010-01-231-8347 module control syst Avl RFQ
00255 3950-01-365-3394 hoist chain Avl RFQ

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