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Are you looking for the part numbers 6920T33G02, 4062T79P01, 7045M87G02, 4072T6G01, 6039T54G02 from General Electric Inc? Parts Needed Yesterday, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, possesses an inventory of over six billion parts both new and obsolete for the aviation and aerospace industry. Our customers can easily find everything they need with our online search engines, and our dedicated account managers are able to deliver customized solutions to their procurement issues, such as a need for obsolete parts or aircraft on ground situations.

CAGE Code : 03595, 04314, 06083, 17237, 43123, 90080, 9F057, 03508, 0NPK9, 50E49, 03570, 67067, 93519, 03505, 0SAM5, 5KFP6, 04244, 2U774, 2X209, 90702, 03510, 8C817, 01002, 3J722, 5Y040, 75766, 03575, 0TD34, 1DD72, 20070, 28339, 98863, 03294, 1A406, 21149, 67110, 7L239, 0ABH7, 0CCC0, 0PG62, 16784, 24449, 63233, 66434, 02989, 08798, 0FVP2, 0MYW6, 58888, 99207, 00261, 01289, 1HL38, 24456, 4E942, 80971, 95412, 99521, 03576, 06247, 08804, 0L5X9, 73773, 93201, 03517, 1A408, 29490, 30464, 69629, 72684, 01XK9, 01ZA6, 5S877, 72799, 02580, 09019, 3H255, 89380, 03350, 09172, 4H565, 05368, 78792, 062W0, 0JZJ1, 1K9L8, 24454, 24455, 34700, 93125, 21148, 97425, 02639, 08931, 21153, 24445, 21152, 46387, 60929, 93351, 03497, 60969, 1U4B5, 59846, 93199, 1U621, 30222, 10007, 14064, 66464, 96972, 15226, 1R513, 44382, 02295, 03499, 09214, 16316, 1M799, 50566, 7V953, 8L720, 08603, 99142, 03597, 04290, 08291, 09818, 1SLS5, 24446, 30221, 4B147, 4K400, 64670, 03511, 14736, 4MQL9, 94989, 05344, 01748, 03502, 0764B, 08801, 12532, 1V332, 2L257, 4R838, 05326, 0G0L9, 1SW31, 30552, 59436, 77393, 88422, 03516, 0EE74, 41326, 59669, 0PGW7, 50706, 9A852, 08806, 1E255, 29456, 7H858, 01288, 03573, 03596, 06001, 0JXA5, 93217, 9C122, 0VGD8, 95017, 08807, 21151, 24451, 29834, 5Y039, 6V976, 6Z9H7, 90278, 93218, 08771, 0WVH0, 04615, 16867, 21150, 24447, 59651, 9A849, 24452, 3D565, 60099, 95018, 0R9Z0, 2H388, 53L27, 85599, 08805, 08808, 0AZP3, 89730, H3845, 1DUN1, 4T674, 81893, 8B402, 03513, 2L365, 62606, 71669, 8L639, 9A859, 03512, 04242, 07482, 13545, 24457, 3P780

Part No RFQ
4007T29P07 RFQ
9541M11G04 RFQ
9654M48P29 RFQ
4063T06G01 RFQ
1910T82G01 RFQ
6920T33G02 RFQ
4062T79P01 RFQ
7045M87G02 RFQ
4072T6G01 RFQ
6039T54G02 RFQ
5100T94P05 RFQ
4037T14P02 RFQ
3000G91PC1 RFQ
37D400200P106 RFQ
6021T23P04 RFQ
6043T40G05 RFQ
37E501153P108 RFQ
4064T27P01 RFQ
6031T04P06 RFQ
4902T12P01 RFQ
9550M12G02 RFQ
5030T70P01 RFQ
337D103PC13 RFQ
3027T15P03 RFQ
9528M82G03 RFQ
1452M54G01 RFQ
6076T66P01 RFQ
5031T47P01 RFQ
3900T90P02 RFQ
9321M82G05 RFQ
5044T18G01 RFQ
9184M51G12 RFQ
3045T44P02 RFQ
9184M51G23 RFQ
9541M13G01 RFQ
9661M51P12 RFQ
9940M85G09 RFQ
5100T95P07 RFQ
9550M12G03 RFQ
6036T94P04 RFQ
1783M40G02 RFQ
7045M87G01 RFQ
5064T97P01 RFQ
9654M47P13 RFQ
5052T07P04 RFQ
9542M39G07 RFQ
9523M23G11 RFQ
9184M62G01 RFQ
5047T09P01 RFQ
3902T71P01 RFQ
3C3203G03 RFQ
K001P08 RFQ
9527M10P02 RFQ
6036T32G10 RFQ
5031T68G01 RFQ
6021T17P07 RFQ
9139M52P10 RFQ
5046T64G05 RFQ
279D378PC7 RFQ
6039T74G01 RFQ
9654M47P24 RFQ
9544M24G06 RFQ
9544M32G08 RFQ
362C136-004 RFQ
5103T22P04 RFQ
5920T88G04 RFQ
6039T42G01 RFQ
4042T56 RFQ
6038T61G01 RFQ
K245P27 RFQ
9693M28P11 RFQ
1918T73G03 RFQ
L11707P01 RFQ
PL544L337PC43 RFQ
9984M27P04 RFQ
3921T28G02 RFQ
1361M85G03 RFQ
6900T02G04 RFQ
6004T40G09 RFQ
6038T08P03 RFQ
9654M46P18 RFQ
K107P13 RFQ
6003T13G13 RFQ
9139M51P04 RFQ
9677M81G40 RFQ
L14421P01 RFQ
6019T79P04 RFQ
6021T32G02 RFQ
105B2537G3 RFQ
6035T79P02 RFQ
5047T10P01 RFQ
5920T88G05 RFQ
4064T88G03 RFQ
1C2694P21 RFQ
106R719P3 RFQ
9654M47P25 RFQ
4045T82P01 RFQ
3903T51P01 RFQ
9117M15P15 RFQ
9184M12P02 RFQ
5056T75G02 RFQ
6095T00G06 RFQ
6046T11G01 RFQ
5900T56G01 RFQ
9523M25P01 RFQ
6900T40G01 RFQ
L24461P03 RFQ
6021T22P07 RFQ
6029T68P07 RFQ
516D714G13 RFQ
9558M51P03 RFQ
5126T22G04 RFQ
9940M85G15 RFQ
1918T3G03 RFQ
9693M28G05 RFQ
4060T09P01 RFQ
6055T20G03 RFQ
9550M21G03 RFQ
4053T27P01 RFQ
9321M67G02 RFQ
1919T23G01 RFQ
1282M89G08 RFQ
9653M35P19 RFQ
301-384-407-0 RFQ
9693M20P14 RFQ
6039T65G01 RFQ
6037T10G03 RFQ
3041M39P03 RFQ
9558M51P04 RFQ
37E501428P106 RFQ
5920T88G03 RFQ
4040T93P01 RFQ
6020T84P05 RFQ
4042T56P01 RFQ
6012T31P01 RFQ
9544M11G02 RFQ
9693M20P12 RFQ
4045T84G01 RFQ
6038T74P01 RFQ
1278M60G05 RFQ
4046T79P01 RFQ
9693M20P29 RFQ
9174M68P07 RFQ
301-384-413-0 RFQ
4040T88P01 RFQ
6052T27P02 RFQ
9523M25P03 RFQ
6040T03G02 RFQ
9544M12G01 RFQ
9942M48P08 RFQ
9693M20P16 RFQ
1783M40G01 RFQ
4056T68G02 RFQ
9980M83G04 RFQ
5101T33P05 RFQ
L24432G02 RFQ
9654M45P12 RFQ
4902T15P01 RFQ
1412M69G01 RFQ
6042T72G01 RFQ
6036T94P01 RFQ
4004T76G01 RFQ
9654M48P11 RFQ
6039T60G20 RFQ
1279M53G03 RFQ
1783M17G01 RFQ
3041M39P04 RFQ
9693M20P15 RFQ
5051T91G01 RFQ
133M65G06 RFQ
5011T74G02 RFQ
9530M82G25 RFQ
9662M41G36 RFQ
4045T61P02 RFQ
9542M23P01 RFQ
4069T18P01 RFQ
6064T97P02 RFQ
9942M47P18 RFQ
4054T77P01 RFQ
5035T24G02 RFQ
5030T19P01 RFQ
6021T17P08 RFQ
6031T02G01 RFQ
1318M22G01 RFQ
6013T12G08 RFQ
9544M15G07 RFQ
101B236SL-G1 RFQ
9951M11G34 RFQ
3900T90P01 RFQ
6034T93P07 RFQ
3041T16P01 RFQ
1993M18P02 RFQ
9693M20P17 RFQ
6040T70G06 RFQ
9521M93G01 RFQ
3024T85G03 RFQ
6070T84P08 RFQ
1783M39G01 RFQ
301-384-408-0 RFQ
L21470G03 RFQ

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