Choosing the Right Ground Power Unit

The right ground power unit (GPU) can be life-saver for any aviation business, saving a significant amount of both time and money. This makes it critical to invest in a high-quality GPU and maintenance program. GPUs are used as auxiliary power supplies when an aircraft is grounded. Running an aircraft engine while it is stationary and grounded is a waste of fuel and money, so GPUs are important resource-saving tools.

There are many variants of GPUs on the market today. Some GPUs are mobile; others are fixed. Some provide alternating current, while others produce a direct current. As for their power source, GPUs can employ multi-phase electrical systems, battery packs, gasoline/diesel, or even turbines in more sophisticated ground power unit. It’s important to keep all these variations in mind when selecting your GPU; the wrong choice can be a costly mistake.

The first thing to consider is whether a fixed or mobile GPU is more suited to your needs. Fixed GPUs are better for locations where aircraft will spend a lot of time idle (airport terminal or hangar), but mobile GPUs are much more versatile because they can be moved to wherever they are needed. It’s also important to note the size of the aircraft your GPU will be servicing. Larger aircraft will naturally need a more powerful GPU, but small and medium sized aircraft have no need for such high power.

Aircraft size is also a factor when deciding the type of current you want. Smaller aircraft generally use direct current power while large aircraft use alternating current. Finally, your GPU’s power source is another crucial decision. Electrical systems or battery packs are much quieter, but also less powerful than gasoline, diesel, and turbine GPUs. The service location and, once again, the size of the aircraft are the two biggest deciding factors.

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